Prof. Dr. Daniel Häussinger

Prof. Dr. Daniel Häussinger



Daniel studied chemistry at the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg and received his PhD working in the group of Prof. Dr. Dieter Sellmann. Organometallic chemistry and NMR was the focus of his postdoctoral stay with Prof. Dr. Malcolm L. H. Green at the Inorganic Chemistry Lab of the University of Oxford (UK). Subsequently, a research project in protein NMR with Prof. Stephan Grzesiek at the Biozentrum Basel followed. In 2005, Daniel moved to the Department of Chemistry at the University of Basel, completed his habilitation there in 2009 and started his independent research group as a Privatdozent. In 2020, Daniel was appointed to a Titularprofessor in analytical chemistry at the Department of Chemistry of the University of Basel.

Curriculum Vitae


Selected Publications


“Nanobody GPS by PCS: an efficient new NMR analysis method for G protein coupled receptors and other large proteins.”
F.-J. Wu, P. S. Rieder, L. Abiko, P. Rößler, A. Gossert*, D. Häussinger*, S. Grzesiek*, JACS, 2022, 144, 21728-21740.

"Structure determination of high-energy states in a dynamic protein ensemble"
J. B. Stiller, R. Otten, D. Häussinger, P. S. Rieder, D. L. Theobald, D. Kern, Nature2022, 603 (7901), 528-535.

"Intrinsic anisotropy parameters of a series of lanthanoid complexes deliver new insights into the structure-magnetism relationship."
R. Vogel, T. Müntener, D. Häussinger, Chem, 2021, 7, 3144-3156.

"A novel, rationally designed lanthanoid chelating tag delivers large paramagnetic structural restraints for biomolecular NMR."
D. Joss, F. Winter, D. Häussinger, Chemical Communications, 2020, 56, 12861-12864.

"Application of paramagnetic lanthanoid chelating tags in NMR spectroscopy and their use for the localization of ligands within biomacromolecules."
D. Joss, R. Vogel, K. Zimmermann, D. Häussinger, Reference Module in Chemistry, Molecular Sciences and Chemical Engineering, 2020, doi:10.1016/B978-0-12-409547-2.14848-6.

"Design and application of lanthanide chelating tags for pseudocontact shift nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy on biomacromolecules."
D. Joss, D. Häussinger, Progress in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy, 2019, 114-115, 284-312.

"P4T-DOTA - A lanthanide chelating tag combining a highly sterically overcrowded backbone with a reductively stable linker."
D. Joss, D. Häussinger, Chemical Communications, 2019, 55, 10543-10546.

"A sterically overcrowded, isopropyl-substituted lanthanide chelating tag for protein PCS NMR spectroscopy: Synthesis of its macrocyclic scaffold and benchmarking on ubiquitin S57C and hCA II S166C."
D. Joss, M.-S. Bertrams, D. Häussinger, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2019, 25, 11910-11917.

"Localization of ligands within human carbonic anhydrase II using 19F pseudocontact shift analysis."
K. Zimmermann, D. Joss, T. Müntener, E. S. Nogueira, M. Schäfer, L. Knörr, F. W. Monnard, D. Häussinger, Chemical Science, 2019, 10, 5064-5072.

"Synthesis of chiral nine and twelve-membered cyclic polyamines from natural building blocks."
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"Conformationally locked lanthanide chelating tags for convenient pseudocontact shift protein nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy."
D. Joss, R. M. Walliser, K. Zimmermann, D. Häussinger, Journal of Biomolecular NMR, 2018, 72, 29-38.

"New Lanthanide chelating tags for PCS NMR spectroscopy with reduction stable, rigid linkers for fast and irreversible conjugation to proteins."
T. Müntener, J. Kottelat, A. Huber, D. Häussinger, Bioconjugate Chemistry, 2018, 29, 3344-3351.

"In-cell protein structures from 2D NMR experiments."
T. Müntener, D. Häussinger*, P. Selenko, F.-X. Theillet*, Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 2016, 7, 2821-2825.

"Dynamic Binding Mode of a Synaptotagmin-1-SNARE Complex in Solution."
K. Brewer, T. Bacaj, A. Cavalli, C. Camilloni, N. Barlow, A. Zhou, P. Cao, J. Xu, A. B. Seven, E. A. Prinslow, R. Voleti, D. Häussinger, A. Bonvin, J. Liu, D. R. Tomchick, M. Vendruscolo, B. Graham, T. C. Südhof, J. Rizo, Nature Structural & Molecular Biology, 2015, 22, 555-564.

"Synthetic Cascades are enabled by Combining Biocatalysts with Artificial Metalloenzymes."
V. Köhler, Y. M. Wilson, M. Dürrenberger, D. Ghislieri, E. Churakova, T. Quinto, L. Knörr, D. Häussinger, F. Hollmann, N. J. Turner, T. R. Ward, Nature Chemistry, 2013, 5, 93-99.

"DOTA-M8: An Extremely Rigid, High-Affinity Chelating Tag for PCS NMR Spectroscopy."
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"Proteolytic E-cadherin activation followed by solution NMR and X-ray crystallography."
D. Häussinger, T. Ahrens, T. Aberle, J. Engel, J. Stetefeld, S. Grzesiek, EMBO Journal, 2004, 23, 1699-1708.