Pascal Rieder, MSc



  • PhD student in the research group of Prof. Dr. Daniel Häussinger (since October 2019)
  • Master of Science in Chemistry at the University of Basel (2016-2019)
  • Bachelor of Science in Chemistry at the University of Basel (2013-2016)




“Nanobody GPS by PCS: an efficient new NMR analysis method for G protein coupled receptors and other large proteins.”
F.-J. Wu, P. S. Rieder, L. Abiko, P. Rößler, A. Gossert*, D. Häussinger*, S. Grzesiek*, JACS, 2022, 144, 21728-21740.

"Structure determination of high-energy states in a dynamic protein ensemble"
J. B. Stiller, R. Otten, D. Häussinger, P. S. Rieder, D. L. Theobald, D. Kern, Nature2022, 603 (7901), 528-535.

"Conference Report - Christmas Symposium Basel."
A. Baiyoumy, J. Coats, A. D'Addio, A. Huber, W. Jauslin, C. Kress, N. Niggli, J. Peng, G. Persiani, B. Pfund, P. Rieder, V. Chimisso, Chimia, 2022, 76, 159.

"Conference Report - Christmas Symposium Basel, December 4, 2020."
D. Joss, A. Baiyoumy, V. Chimisso, C. E. Meyer, D. A. Miarzlou, G. M. Murawska, N. Niggli, B. Pfund, K. Reznikova, P. Rieder, Chimia, 2021, 75, 112.

"2-(3-Cyanopropyldimethylsilyl)ethyl as a Polar Sulfur Protecting Group."
L. M. Bannwart, P. Rieder, M. Mayor, Synthesis, 2017, 51, 4153-4164.